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A more-effective and less-costly way for advertisers to reach consumers on their phones
Advertisers are vital to our economy but reaching consumers on their phones with ad content is hard to achieve—ad content delivered via text, email, apps, social media, and push notifications just doesn't work. AdFetch changes the game by making it easier and less costly to deliver ad content to consumer's phones without needing to use any of the methods above. Consumers also win by having complete control of what advertising appears on their phones and when.
Coveted ad space on smartphones is difficult for advertisers to reach, but not with AdFetch
A one-stop place where consumers can see ad content from any AdFetch advertiser
With AdFetch, consumers have a single one-stop place they can visit to view ad content from ANY AdFetch advertiser versus having to waste time searching to see who offers what. As consumers travel around and see AdFetch signs (example below) at the front and inside of stores, restaurants, entertainment venues, and at other places, they can quickly enter the fetch code at each location to see the latest deals the advertiser has to offer. Using AdFetch can also help reduce unwanted texts, emails, and robocalls while maintaining consumer's privacy because of how AdFetch requests for advertiser's information are 100% anonymous. Consumers also don't have to download an app or deal with user names, passwords, or social media to use AdFetch.
Increase the effectiveness of TV, radio, and podcast commercials
The problem with TV and radio commercials is that many go in one ear and out the other—they're often forgotten moments after they are broadcast. But with AdFetch, TV viewers and radio listeners—who are interested in what advertiser's commercials have to offer—can save a commercial's details on their phones by entering the advertiser's AdFetch code. The result: Commercials have a much better chance of generating revenue instead of being forgotten. AdFetch can also be used with podcasts and other streaming audio and video content in a similar manner.
Shoppable TV and radio: A new source of revenue for broadcasters
With AdFetch, TV viewers can purchase what they see on TV by simply entering the product's AdFetch code (see AdFetch code left in white bar at bottom) without needing to scan a QR code on their TV screen or download an app. Instead, viewers can use 4-digit codes (like PIN codes), which are much simpler for TV viewers to use who may not be familiar with how to use the camera-app QR-code feature on their smartphones. When an AdFetch code is entered, viewers can be taken to an online store using only their phone's browser or to a special API endpoint for easy ecommerce integration. AdFetch is also ideal for quickly accessing other digital content such as product information, home-listing information, emergency information, and more without having to waste time searching.
Simple fliers make it easy to reach consumers
Advertisers are provided with an 8.5" x 11" flier shown left (PDF file) which features the advertiser's name and unique AdFetch code. This flier can be printed and used as an ongoing point-of-purchase giveaway, in-store/front-of-store display, online order insert, mass-mail insert, special-event handout, and in other ways to promote awareness about an advertiser's presence on the AdFetch network. With AdFetch, advertisers can reach consumers on their phones more effectively and with less cost without needing to use apps, text, email, push notifications, or social-media AND without having to pay any per-click fees!

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